Creepy Smart Meter language?

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This is what your evil smart meter sounds like. Close your eyes, and recall the sounds of an alien scifi movie.

All electrical/electronic devives unplugged in house. Only a laptop was plugged into AC power for test. Loud power surge sound is smart meter finding/attaching to device/seizing control, then starts talking to it, reading laptop data, and is very capable of using your laptop to pulse out data it sends to the device.  its a two way doorway of control into your life in your home!

The meter sniffs out all devices wired and wrireless, attaches to it, reads and feeds if it can. Its language lives in the brain’s 6 cycle per second alpha beta waves area, its messin with yah in a royal big time way, plus mega privacy issues!

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Laptop batteries pulsing EMF

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Batteries pulse a continuous EMF field even out of the laptop?

Why? What would be the purpose?  Just to add more toxic EMF around us?

Every little bit of EMF radiation adds up.

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EMF pulses from Smart Meter

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Magnetic leakage probe picking up the smart meters EMF bursts in every room of the house. All electronic/electrical devices are unplugged.

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Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter Yourself!

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Uploaded by on Dec 4, 2011


 Your “SMART METER” is a surveillance device that monitors your “energy consumption behavior” and it emits biologically destructive “pulsed” radiation in your home. NEWS FLASH: Your power company has no easement (rightful access) to do that!!



1) A safe, standard and traditional “ANALOG ELECTRIC METER” (above) which is compatible with 90% of all homes and small businesses. Unless your electrical service is unusually large or specialized this meter will be compatible for replacement.

2) The MOUNTING RING that secures the meter in place.


4) LEGAL NOTICE TEMPLATE (Word file on a CD). You add your info and send it to your power company to secure your legal authority to replace your meter yourself and remove the “Smart Meter”.

5) INSTRUCTIONS on how to fill out and send the Notice.

6) INSTRUCTIONS to help you replace your meter lawfully and safely.

7) A link to an online VIDEO showing how meter replacement can be done.

8) A weather-resistant tag to notice and warn your power company not to tamper with your safe and sane meter.

Available at

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Show me the evidence!

by Care Dec 28, 2011

What some skeptics have been waiting for.

Independent information, not to be confused with pre-digested filtered pap provided by a utility corporation with a vested interest in keeping hidden far too many unpleasant facts, and by use of profitable persuasion which, when unmasked, reveals legislation that leaves you no option to say NO, not only the absence of democratic choice, but coercion, force and lies.

Awareness is half the battle.

Ironically, owing to the intrusion of Smart Meters into their lives, people ARE becoming more aware of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and, even beyond that, to the overall existence of “electrosmog”.  And, increasing evidence is mounting for the effects of EMR on humans and other life forms–don’t forget the plants and animals of our planet.

The following is a link to six excellent audios which, for those attempting to enlighten their friends and neighbours, members of their school boards, councils, health practitioners–even hardened naysayers–might be good starting points.  I thought I was getting pretty much up to speed with a lot of this stuff, but these audios are real ear-openers!

Of the six audios I would recommend listening to them in this order:

Dr. Andrew Goldworthy (Interview) – on the actual biological mechanism whereby electrosensitivity occurs

Camilla Rees - of (well worth a visit) speaking to Dr. Ronald Hoffman MD on electromagnetic health, and what’s happening world-wide.

Fevzi Turkalp – The Gadget Detective about cordless phones and other sources of electrosmog.

Dr. Andrew Goldworthy (Conference) - a talk given by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy at the ES conference in October 2009.  He discusses the underlying mechanisms of the many symptoms associated with Electro sensitivity.

George Carlo Irish Radio - Here is a short clip of George Carlo on Irish radio, being given a bit of a grilling by the presenter.

Burlington vs. Fox - Electrosensitivity-UK Chairman Michael Bevington argues that claims of scare mongering by electrosensitivity charities are unjustified and that the dangers and practical difficulties of uncontrolled electromagnetic exposure are being underestimated. Co-author of the Sense About Science brochure, Making Sense Of Radiation, Elaine Fox (Essex Study) argues otherwise.




Are you, too, at risk of becoming becoming sensitized?

So, you think you are immune to the effects of EMR, that you will be able to adapt and weather the rapidly increasing electro-smog which now envelops us at home, at work, at school, at the medical clinic, at the community hall, while shopping, while sleeping.  Well, think again!

Although, only 3% – 8% of populations have been identified as being as electrohypersensitive, specialists in the field of EMR research have estimated that, by 2017 that, figure could increase to as high as 50%.  Hard to believe?  Regardless, we are going to see an increasing percentage of people succumbing to the effects of ER.  

This suggests that the cells of those who now consider themselves immune, are ever so gradually, succumbing to the effects of exposure to microwave radiation on a 24/7 basis.

Over time…?  For some, as with victims of brain cancer due to cell and cordless phone usage, there may be no warning before sudden onset of advanced symptoms.

The “precautionary” principle suggests that those who are concerned should reduce their risks by altering their habits.  They can start by limiting the use of their cell phones (or by texting), returning to corded phone sets (AT&T offers a great speaker phone), use ethernet cable in place of WiFi–and removing WiFi from schools such as in France–to connect their electronic devices, turn off Blue Tooth, and…oppose Smart Meters!

Incurable cell/mobile phone users might consider switching to an air tube headset:

Good luck on whatever path you choose to follow but before you decide please try to remember this is also a decision about the health of the entire ecosystem from which we are all inseparable, so this is a serious decision which you are making, not simply a personal preference decision..

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BC Citizens’ Group Seeks Injunction Against Smart Meter Program



DECEMBER 22, 2012



A complaint has been filed under Section 47 of the Utilities Commission Act requesting an injunctive freeze on the wireless component of the Smart Meter Program without delay. This action is being taken to engage the Commission’s administrative function as a regulator of BC Hydro in accordance with the rule of law; only by operation of the rule of law can the public interest in health, security, privacy and safety be factored into Smart Meter Program decisions.

Up until now, the Commission as a regulator has been left out and, with that, any consideration of the public interest has been eliminated from BC Hydro’s decision. The action taken is about preserving the regulatory oversight and democratic process we uphold under the rule of law in British Columbia. BC Hydro cannot be allowed to act with impunity, without regard to the public interest, on a matter that raises serious concerns with respect to human health, environmental integrity, individual privacy and civil liberties.

The Clean Energy Act purports to excuse BC Hydro from having to obtain a BCUC issued Certificate of “public convenience and necessity” but not with respect to the wireless and snooping components of the Smart Meter Program. The Commission is requested to issue relief on an urgent and interim basis, without hearing and without delay, so as to effectively freeze any and all activity being carried out by BC Hydro in contravention of section 45(1) of the Utilities Commission Act.  Any delay in the issuance of the relief sought will allow BC Hydro to continue with unauthorized expenditures associated with the Unauthorized Extensions. This Action is taken to preserve and give weight to the public interest with regard to the deployment of the Smart Meter Program in British Columbia.

Plaintiffs legal Injunction link

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Police & Hydro swoop down on disabled mans property after concerned neighbours installed a safe analog meter

On December 20, 2011 @ approx. 4pm,  the suffering disabled man at the hands of the provinces smart meter, received a call from a Mr Mike Smith,  Smart Meter / Smart Grid Policy Analyst with the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the branch solely responsible mandating smart meters and the smart grid, was informed that his request was denied even with valid documented health issues, with being adversely affected by EMF, which is documented by a health professional before the smart meter was ever installed.

The home owner was advised that the Ministry of Energy’s smart meter policy makes it the law, and that there is no provisions to accommodate any health issues, or opt out plan??

A government responsible for the safety of its citizens with their product and service, has no policy provisions??  Now am I the only one that sees something wrong with their own government policy that’s directly affects the citizens of Ontario with their smart meter product, and they don’t have any provisions??  How can that be?  Do they think they are serving, let alone being responsible for their tax paying citizens??

After 6 months of the disabled mans requests falling on deaf ears, a few local citizens concerned over his failing health, bought him a new safe analog meter and insisted North Bay Hydro replace the smart meter with the safe analog meter to save his failing health from their smart meters toxic radiation.   All parties were informed of pending actions, and advised they would wait till the end of the day to see if hydro would come out and swap the meters. How about everybody stop protecting a smart meter, and how about protecting a suffering human being instead? Isn’t a person’s life more valuable then a hydro smart meter, and the Ontario Government’s smart meter policy?  What if it was your child, or mother, or friend, or neighbour?  Who would be helping them?  This clearly shows the need for revising their smart meter policy? Wouldn’t it seem like the right thing in protecting human rights?

At 4pm after the call from Ontario Ministry of Energy, all parties now knew what was to occur on behalf of the disabled man.  The home owner even called the police to advise them of what was taking place, and asked the police that if North Bay Hydro reported the meter being removed, and why, and asked if they could treat the disabled unhealthily frail man with gentle respect as he is not a criminal and is only trying to save his life, which one could argue from the video recordings they disregarded as he was now a criminal in their eyes, and will dealt with as such. Why would a home owner steal his smart meter, come on, it was heavy handed tatics resolution, and if not, then its absolutely non rational thinking on their part.

The concerned neighbours then removed the meter with care as to not damage their equipment, and video taped everything for proof. About 30 minutes later after the new safe analog meter was installed by caring neighbours,  the home owner was outside in his driveway talking to one of his neighbours, when all of a sudden the police pull up on a reported alarm theft from North Bay Hydro, as this is what the police said. From their approach and demeanor, they obviously were trying to make the home owner look like a criminal with an extreme heavy hand, all the while all of this is no secret what has been happening here to this man, and how every single politician closed the door of help on him.

Threats of arrest, and being jailed, even when everyone was pleasant and not being rude not doing a thing wrong. The police rolled up like it was a theft call in progress. They demanded the analog meter to be removed, and if it wasn’t, the hydro crew was standing by to cut the power wires to an disabled mans home trying to save his life by removing the toxic device hurting him in his own home if he didn’t comply, and would be arrested for tampering with their equipment.  Of course, the police and hydro workers were saying without power it will be a cold dark night for for him in his condition. True compassion on their part.

The police tried to stop and block the event being video recorded, but recordings were made capturing how the police acted , as well as the hydro people.  The home owner on his own property was pushed back from his property by the police when he was only standing there recording.  When a neighbour observed this, he spoke up in a peaceful manner how they were treating a sick man on his own property, who is no criminal, and can’t treat him like that. The neighbour then was threatened with arrest for speaking?? And at one point the police told the neighbour to leave, which the neighbour and home owner pointing out he was invited here before the police arrived, and is now a witness to the events unfolding in the dark.

So the disabled home owner had absolutely no choice, go without power, or be arrested, and due to his frail health was forced into having the smart meter placed back on not in agreement to having a smart meter, but does need his hydro to survive, and let them install back their smart meter. Placing everything right back to 6 months ago.

Tho the home owner was forced to take action when all else has been exhausted, and did indeed break the law cutting the seal and removing their meter from his service box on his property, and not to steal any power, as he’s been saying he wants and needs his hydro and has always paid for many many years billing history. There truly wasn’t any justification on how the hydro company and the police handled it, as it is no secret to any one any longer. Its not the home owners fault being sick in his own home over their toxic smart meter.

We now believe in our hearts, that the Ontario Government does have knowledge that the smart meters can and are adversely toxic to a small percentage of the population.  Are they trying to cover something up?  Why all this being done to an obvious disabled man suffering in his home from their smart meter product that has not been adequately proven on their side. No one has the right to hurt anyone in their own homes over an $80 a month power bill.

What everyone in Ontario needs to fully understand is, if you end up sick from a smart meter, the smart meter has all the rights, you the private home owner have none. The Ontario Government has made all the provisions and protection to the power companies, not you.  Your only right is to have no power, that is their fact!




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Concerned local resident speaks out against North Bay Hydro’s handling of a disabled person suffering from their smart meter

—–Original Message—–

From: Ruth
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 10:56 AM
Dear Marie,
Thank you for listening to me this morning, I would have liked to talk
to Mr. Tod Wilcox, but you have assured me that this will be addressed
to him immediately.
Mr. Wilcox, this is in regard to the Smart Meters which have been
installed on properties to replace the Analog Meters.  I have great
concerns about the Smart Meter and especially with one that has been
installed at my friends  house on in North Bay.
This man is disabled, and is one of the unlucky 3 to 5% of the
population (which is fact)  that are extremely affected by the
dangerous toxic radiation and the emf fields.  Each day he is
suffering extremely and is getting worse as time goes on.  He is
getting weaker and weaker with health struggles.   I can rest assure
you that there is nothing mentally, or criminally wrong with this man,
he is physically hurting and needs help immediately.  This has been
going on for over six months and he still has not had any restitution
on this matter.
All this man wants is to have the smart meter removed and replaced
with an analog meter which I have purchased for him.
I can say that he is at a point of taking action to remove this smart
meter and having the analog meter installled today in dire need to
save his life.
Why is it that an individual in Sturgeon Falls was ill with the same
sufferings as  Adrian and Hydro One put the analog meter back for her
for health reasons.  Adrian was told he could buy a smart meter that
does not trasmit rf for $950, plus installing a dedicated phone line
at his cost.   This certainly does not make any sense to me or others.
Therefore, I probably could go on and on about issues,   but I only
want this resolved today for Adrian with the exchange of his smart
meter to the analog meter I purchased for him.
I am sending you an email of contacts from Adrain which I would
hope you would take the time to read and know exactly what this man
has been up against.
Where is the fairness in this, and why do businesses have a different
meter that does not transmit rf microware and is read on site or by
wifi download?
One analog meter represents $80 to the system by him, but to his 3%
world, the analog meter represents saving his life.
Please do not put this on the wayside, it should be dealt with today
as he is ready to take action.  Thank you and I would appreciate
hearing from you.
Ruth & others who are caring friends and need this done for this man
for his life….
Thanks for your time.

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Why would North Bay Hydro, City of North Bay & The Ontario Ministry of Energry discriminate against a disabled person?

It’s hard to comprehend why any of this has been allowed to happen to an existing disabled person trying to heal their illnesses in the privacy and sanctuary of their own private home.  This disabled person was diagnosed to be electrically hyper sensitive to EMF radiation before the North Bay Hydro and the Ministry of Energy placed their toxic radiating smart meter on their home without any knowledge or consent of the private property home owner, or any concern, or knowledge of any existing documented health issues and concerns. Let alone the fact, that the Hydro company only has an easement on file from the home owner for the existing old style analog meter, NO revised easement consent from the affected private property owner, for the hydro company to install a new toxic radiating smart meter which also invades the home owners privacy inside their home.

Prior to their smart meter being placed on the home, the home owner being solely responsible for their own health in their own home had to remove all sources of wifi, bluetooth, and any unnecessary electrical transformers plugged in idly emitting toxic EMF in their home. This was the home owners choice of responsibility in trying to improve and make safe their living space. Then along comes a highly documented toxic smart meter, and the home owners attempt to make their living space toxic free strictly for their own health,  with the smart meter rendering all the home owners personal attempt at making his space toxic free in vain. And what is truly amazing is, that when the disabled spoke with the C.O.O. at North Bay Hydro to explain his case, and submit the facts, the disabled person was abruptly informed that the Ontario Government says its the law and it must remain on the disabled home owners home,  basically take their service of not. That was an documented disabled persons options?? And to show his compassion on this matter, he terminated the call and hung up the phone on the disabled person trying to state the facts in this matter concerning the home owner.  Because the C.O.O. hung up on the disabled person, he went to City Hall to speak to the mayor, only to be told by the mayor’s office, North Bay Hydro was a private company and that city hall has no direction or involvement in their private operations? No help from the city either for a disabled person residing in their city with a documented valid health concerns.

All this took place the first week of August, and, to this day, in everything the disabled private property home owner attempts with North Bay Hydro, local media, government agencies, various politicians, the disabled home owner with valid health concerns fell on deaf ears.  Not one willing to listen, let alone, help!  Its seems everyone who is directly responsible for the health nightmare they created on this disabled home owner, is hoping their problem will go away by not addressing their problem. It is totally confusing the treatment given to a private home owner trying to heal long before they invaded and destroyed his only personal living space, and still keep trying to deny any wrong doing towards a disabled person?? Makes NO sense at all.

What is interesting, is that I would imagine that the North Bay Hydro, and the Ministry of Energy, would know, and if not,I would suggest, that they read their own documents regarding their smart meters, and discover that in rolling out smart meters, the smart meter people, know for a fact, that 3 to 5% of the smart meter population will be adversely affected by their smart meter, and that 97% possibly will not experience any side effects from the smart meters radiation.  They fully know in their own documents, and expect, and have prepared solutions to rectify the affected persons.  So my question to the ones responsible for this is, why has a valid disabled persons request for a safe analog meter has gone on deaf ears??  They knew some people would not be able to live with their smart meter, so since they have documented this themselves in the smart meter industry and have to accommodate these people, why has this still been going on for 6 months of falling on deaf ears of the ones solely responsible for their actions and toxic product?

This battle for the disabled person has now been 6 months of needless suffering at the hands who knew 3 to 5% will be screaming to get out of their forced microwave oven. I fail to see how any of this could be considered humane, the words that come to mind are INHUMANE! DISCRIMINATION! HARASSMENT! CRIMINAL!

And especially since many months ago, a Hydro One customer requested an analog meter due to suffering health from their smart meter, Hydro One without any friction, offered to replace her smart meter with an analog style to resolve her health issue. Hydro One follows the same Ontario Governemnt mandate, so why would North Bay Hydro being told of this about what Hydro One did for their customer, why would they ignore what another larger power company did for their customer??  This needs to be addressed and answered.

The suffering disabled person, who contacted the Minisrty of Energy, who regulate and over see the smart meter grid to hopefully resolve this matter, has been told they are making calls to North Bay Hydro on Dec 19, and are still waiting for someone to help put a safe analog meter on a vald disabled persons private property to stop their neddless suffering. I think they fail to fully understand what it is like to be electrocuted inside their own private property at the hands of their smart meter which is known by the smart meter industry to adversely affect 3 to 5% of people with smart meters, and for that matter, struggle inside their toxic smart meter grid they have created.

I know for the disabled home owner, it would be nice if the involved responsible parties had enough heart at Chritmas time to do what is right for tis suffering person. They need to correct what they have done to this poor disabled private home owner.  Even local concerned residents are calling North Bay Hydro requesting they help this disabled person in giving them back a safe analog meter, one local resident has even purchased the disabled home owner a new safe analog meter to be replaced to end the suffering, and is trying to get them to resolve this before the disabled home owners condition gets worst or becomes fatal. This concerned resident, has placed calls and emailed to the C.O.O. of North Bay Hydro to advising them of their concerns, and that they insist on the disabled home owner behalf to have them remove the toxic smart meter and repalce it with a new safe analog meter they have purchased  to help save this mans life inside their own home.  So far, this concerned local resident, and the disabled person, has not heard anything back from North Bay Hydro.

Why are the people responsible for this, been ignoring this valid health issue?  It has gone on way too long for this disabled person in their own home. This needs to be corrected and compensated.   Especilly how the involved parties are handling this disability case are in total denial and neglect of their customers saftey at the hands of their smart meter which is documented in their own papers, will adversely affect 3 to 5% of their customers. They have a responsibility to safe guard their customers, especially a disabled customer being affected by their equipment.  This case must be addressed, and corrected.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a happy safe new year!

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Smart Meters – Anonymous Guards His Analogue Meter From PGE

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Uploaded by on Nov 30, 2011

Here is one way to make sure your analogue electricity meter stays put and not removed without your permission replaced by a Smart Meter by PGE. Look up the dangers of radiation from one smart meter and think about the effects when thousands are transmitting. This is just the beginning…smart Gas, smart street lighting, smart water meters are only the beginning. They have the capability to spy on you and smart chips are coming in your appliances that will communicate with the smart meter to monitor your use. Plus data mining with the results.

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Fire at 160 Santa Rosa, SF: Due to Smart Meter Installation?

This burned-out house has a dramatically melted “smart” meter at the heart of the blackened areas–is the “smart” meter the source of the fire?


A disabled woman was critically injured in a house fire in San Francisco’s Mission Terrace neighborhood, authorities said today.

The woman suffered smoke inhalation after the fire broke out in a two-story home at 160 Santa Rosa Ave. about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, said Mindy Talmadge, a Fire Department spokeswoman.

Firefighters found the woman upstairs, and she was taken to a hospital with injuries that are considered life-threatening, Talmadge said.

link to article

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Smart Meters Being Funded by the US Military?








Was the US Military involved in ‘smart’ meter R&D? New documents suggest just that.

The utility companies have described their installation of ‘smart’ meters as a “deployment.”  They have called those of us peacefully defending the safety and health of the public “insurgents.” At times, scenes of the public physically blocking military-style smart meter installations conjure up images of wartime.   But is the smart meter program actually being funded by the military?  Is the “smart grid” somehow linked with military research and development?  That’s what documents unearthed and analyzed by Las Vegas activist and firebrand Angel de Fazio would seem to suggest.

Under a FOIA request, Angel obtained a document that details a nearly 300 million dollar grant from the federal government to NV Energy to install smart meters.  On the “authorization” line it refers to two funding sources:  31 USC 6304 and 10 USC 2358.   “31 USC 6304? is a relatively straightforward designation on “using  grant agreements.”  But do a search for “10 USC 2358? and you will find it identified as “US Armed Forces Research and Development Projects”

Now at StopSmartMeters.Org we’re not the first ones to call “conspiracy” at the slightest suspicion of impropriety.  Yet this discovery raises important questions about the hasty and undemocratic smart meter installations, about the smart meters that have been spying on people and making thousands sick in their own homes from pulsed radiation.

It’s become fairly clear to anyone involved in this fight- that this is not just simply a utility meter upgrade.  There is more to these devices than meets the eye.

Given recent events, we believe there are valid reasons to be rather alarmed by Angel’s chance discovery, and at the very least the public deserves an explanation of why the military would be involved in a domestic utility project.  Some of those recent events include:

1.  Last week the US Senate approved the National Defense Authorization Act which would allow the military to detain any US Citizen indefinitely without trial or charges within the United States.

2.  Within the last month, the US Army has stationed an active unit on domestic duty within the United States- in order to deal with “civil unrest” and crowd control.

3.  There is growing evidence that US Homeland Security helped to coordinate the brutal crackdowns on the Occupy encampments in major US cities over the past few weeks.

We stated publicly in August 2010 that we believe the smart meter program is an attack on the public, and that we the people must mobilize to defend ourselves.  Today, thanks to the diligent investigative efforts of grassroots activists, we have evidence that the US military may in fact be linked with this “deployment.”

What do you think?

Calls to the grant administrator were not returned by press time.

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Angry Customers Return Smart Meters

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Uploaded by on Dec 8, 2011

CAPITOLA, Calif– About a dozen SmartMeter opponents lined up to return the controversial device, Wednesday, and when they showed up, PG&E called police.

“This is not a protest,” said Joshua Hart, “This was simply returning PG&E’s property to them. Property that was not wanted on people’s homes.”

And about a dozen people did just that at PG&E’s pay center at the Capitola Mall. Joshua Hart, who is leading the push against SmartMeters said the digital meters made these people sick and were put on their property illegally, so they took them off.

“When PG&E refused to remove these devices which they never had permission to install in the first place, these people have taken matters into their own hands, hired a professional electrician or contractor to replace the SmartMeter with an analog meter,” said Hart.

Bianca Carn was one of PG&E’s customers who returned a SmartMeter, Wednesday.

“The bottom line is, they can’t come on private property,” said Carn. “I own the house, I didn’t give them permission and they didn’t send me a certified letter, and as you can see, we’ve been kicked off private property. We’re not even allowed to go in there. They wanted us to come out so we did and I just feel like I wish we had the same rights.”

When this group went inside to return their SmartMeters, the Capitola Police Department showed up and ordered everyone out. PG&E even closed up shop.

“I think it’s disturbing that simply utility customers looking out for the health and safety of their families have to be intimidated in such a way with this turnout of police when people were happy to comply with the request to leave the offices,” said Hart.

PG&E released the following statement:

“As a matter of personal and public safety, our customers must never tamper with utility equipment. We urge our customers to call us at 1-800-743-5000 if they have questions about their gas and electric service.

We want to prevent our customers from facing the risks associated with SmartMeter removal which could result in serious harm.

Fires, burns and electrocution could occur from attempting to remove a SmartMeter.

In any instance where PG&E equipment has been tampered with or removed PG&E is obligated to end service until the situation is made safe and proper equipment is installed by a PG&E representative.”

link to article

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Fire from Smart Meter in BC Canada

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Uploaded by on Dec 2, 2011

Nanaimo house experiences a Fire and other strange events after the new Smart Meter was installed.

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