Are smart meters our fault?

I guess in a sense you can say, its our fault for what has happened with these smart meters. The process of control planned by the hydro companies and governments started long ago with deregulation. Years ago our governments convinced us that by deregulating the hydro it will open up competition and by doing so, our hydro rates would become competitive and rates could possibly lower. And the people went along with it hoping for lower rates to help them out in the cost of living.

But what truly happened is, the peoples ownership of the hydro utility went to private interests stripping away all the peoples investment over the years paid as part of their hydro bill. The grid was built and paid for by the people as tax payers of their community as public shareholders in the electrical system their money built. Imagine we built and paid for our grids in our communities, then they deregulate making the hydro companies go from public to private shareholders. We were robbed of all our years investment as a public shareholder. Think of how much money you paid out on your monthly bill in building the grid. For what,  a private corporation to just take it over for free, not having to pay you any return on your years of investment building the grid for them.

It was all about taking the peoples share of rights away so that between the governments and the private hydro corporations could now would have full control over the hydro grid and could now usher in a plan of complete control by smart meters in a smart grid.

We all know, if we give the government an inch, they’ll take a mile, and with this, they all took a thousand miles of our rights, taking, rights over our property, rights over our health, rights over our privacy, rights of freedom, rights over our appliances, rights over our time, etc.  How sick is it that we have lost the rights of our freedom in the privacy of our own homes!  It seems to me, we are the ones giving up everything. What are they giving up? What kind of money are they making thanks to us?  I’m thinking they have everything to gain, not loose!

I admit it, I was totally oblivious to these smart meters. Its true they never asked us for input or debate on the meters, but I learned about the smart meter the hard way, from its radiation. And if my health is affected by the smart meter, does this make it my fault? I was in my home, long before the smart meter, you would think if any one should leave, it would be the unwelcome visitor who trespassed on private property, wouldn’t you?

Today I received a call from a nice lady in another city, who no longer knows what to do over how the smart meter has forced her out of her home, living at a friends house since april of this year. She has tried talking to every politician she could, to every and anybody about how the smart meter is making her ill. No help was forth coming. Can you imagine how the person suffering feels, knowing all to well how the smart meter is making her ill in her own home, and everyone dismisses her.  A nice middle aged hard working respected health professional of the community, helping others, and who in her personal health crisis caused by smart meters, there’s no one out there to help her.  I ask you, does this picture sound right?

Maybe its time for politicians to stop pleasing big corporate interests, and to put their heart back out to the people they are suppose to serve. How did you come to believe in your minds that we the people are just here to serve you?  You politicians and your pals, the big power corporate interests, who forced smart meters down our throats, history and humanity, will judge your involvement in smart meters.

Your smart meters DO KILL, and I challenge every politician and power corporation, to put in writing, stating that the non-thermal effects of rf microwave radiation is not harmful to cells.

How can I say it kills, very simple, we see the proof every single day, multiple times a day, in our microwave oven. High frequency microwaves of radiation causing the cells in a chunk of flesh to rapidly vibrate creating heat, cooking cells from the inside out.

The electrical grid outside acts in a sense like the walls of a microwave oven, and also like a capacitor too in a sense, helping contain some of this stray rf voltage. the same principle applies to the wiring inside your home as well. Now toss in thousands or millions of RF microwave stray radiation power emitting inside the grid. Think of how with thousands or millions of smart meters with all this extra high frequency stray voltage hitting your cells, how do you think that your cells are now not vibrating creating heat and damage?  your cells WILL be affected long before you will notice. Think of how a microwave oven works. It applies to us now in the smart cooking grid.

The true facts on how harmful smart meters truly are on our bodies is easily obtaining from professional medical sites. The truth has to get out before too many lives are lost because of these harmful radiation devices. Remember it kills animals and plants too.

Please help, and join together to stop all smart meters, they do not save a thing, not even life.

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